Harley,pet,dog,The Petjoint This is Harley. He used to live with Gramma and Boomer in America.

Harley had to be put down in December 2011. RIP Harley. There is a letter to Harley from his person at the bottom of this page.

Harley,pet,dog,The Petjoint Harley,pet,dog,The Petjoint

Harley,pet,dog,The Petjoint Harley,pet,dog,The Petjoint

These are pictures of Harley as a puppy. The kitten is Neelix.

Harley,pet,dog,The Petjoint Harley,pet,dog,The Petjoint Harley,pet,dog,The Petjoint

Letter to Harley

My beautiful beautiful happy boy, I miss your smile, your enthusiasm, your love. Always at my side, sometimes I complained and told you to go away, give me a break. I regret that now. Every second I could have spent with you that I chose to not. Your idea of heaven was mommy’s lap, or chasing the ball mommy threw, sometimes just putting it in my hand to share, asking for it to be handed back after a moment. You were always there when I was sad, drying my tears with your tongue or simply letting your beautiful fur soak them up as you cuddled in my lap reminding me how much you loved me.

He broke something inside you when he tormented you, proving he was a “man” by intimidating my little guy. I couldn’t fix it, I’m so sorry, I tried my best. I failed you. A part of you died the day he kicked you, the part that trusted us to protect you. We worked hard to gain that trust, when you came you were so tiny, so sick because someone else had hurt you. Your doctors thought it was hopeless, that you wouldn’t survive treatment. When you did they said you would never walk right, would need a doggy wheelchair because your back legs were so damaged. You proved them wrong. Everyone at the clinic loved your thick silk velvet coat, such a difference from the thin patchy wire you had when you came to us. You were so beautiful just looking at you sometimes made me cry.

But it was the love you offered that we most valued. Your calm demeanor when you friend Lady wanted to bark and jump and get herself in trouble. You would sit quietly and give her a look… she would settle right down. The two of you would sit in quiet commune.

Your cat misses you. Neelix became afraid of you near the last, as we all did, but he never stopped loving you. I look at the pictures remembering how he took care of you, bathed and fed you, taught you how to play and use stairs (the doctor said you would never be able to use stairs, they would be too hard for you with your damaged back legs but Neelix knew how to make you strong, lots of love). And then you would sleep together. Never far from my touch, always close to the sound of my voice.

Now you’re gone. A choice I had to make to keep the rest of us safe. I know you love us, never wanted to hurt us but your fears were to strong. Your trust was broken. We failed to protect you from a 24 year old punk who thought scaring you was funny, that kicking you was his right because you were only a dog. That was the first time you bit. Once started I didn’t know how to help you stop, to feel safe and secure in the world again. I’m so sorry my boy. My beautiful beautiful boy whose happy face could make the sun shine. You were a good dog, a good friend. The hole you leave will never be filled.

I promise that your young brother pup will never experience what you did. The one who started it all, the one who killed you just as surely as if he were here when you died will never step foot in this house again. In your memory I promise this. That if anyone ever tries to hurt Johan I will go to jail for assault. What I should have done the first time I caught the punk intimidating you. I’m sorry I didn’t. You deserved a better death than you got. It wasn’t your fault, it was mine.